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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wekk 2: Instead of conclusion

The end of my second week on the course is drawing near. It was a very hectic week for me: I attended a course on life-skills, I had to keep up with my work on this course, I had to deliver lessons at school, I had to learn, I had to... enough.

First of all I would like to start by the ABCD model when speaking about objectives. If exactly one week ago they were totally new for me, now I know about them, I have even tried to write an objective following this model. And I find them extremely useful. As long as an idea is clear in my mind, I can express it very clearly and make my students understand it.  It's very important for me to know my audience, to know their attitude and behavior, and to know the performance I want them to reach. I will use only the ABCD model now on as I have never found anything more useful.

Then, I would like to tell you that something amazed me at the very beginning of the week, when I had to describe not only one class, but also the setting. I kept asking "What's the point?"... later I realized that the setting is also extremely important for the teaching / learning / assessing process. As long as you don't feel very comfortable in one classroom, it mark your teaching, your behavior and your attitude. I chose a class I am very fond of: 26 students from grade 9 B in my school. I described the setting, I described the students and now I am able to let you see them: 

The last point I want to tell you about is related to the search engines. I have often felt that Google was not enough for me, especially when I wanted to search something more specific. Now, thanks to this course, thanks to Deborah and to my classmates, I know about Noodlle Tools first of all and I am very glad I know more.

I am very impressed by my classmates' work. I read their blogs, I read their posts, sometimes I comment and I am very happy we are virtually together and we share our knowledge, our experience and we are able to learn together.

This is all about my second week. I am eager to start the 3rd one.


  1. Hello, Nadinna!
    It was so great to see pictures of your classroom! I was in Poland three times and Polish classes are very similar to yours.
    And what about the number of the students in your class, if you have 26 students, so are they divided into subgroups, because in my school we divide big classes into two groups if there are 28 students.

    Best wishes from Ukraine

  2. Hello Nadinna,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I will try to add some pictures of my students when the school open again. I am now on vacation and I will be home by the end of this month. The first semester in Thailand will begin in the middle of May. I am very glad to joing this course and to have this great opportunity to learn from excellent people around the world like you and our partners.


  3. Hello Ruslana,

    I have 26 students in my class but I work with all of them at the same time - it's not necessary to divide them, as the number is not very big. If you see them divided, it is because they were working in group on a task during one of my lessons. Actually, it was the stage when I asked them to exchange partners and check their results.

    Hello Garunyawun,
    and thanks for commenting on my blog too. You are very lucky to be on holiday. In Romania we have just returned from our spring holiday and it's a long way till 15th June when we welcome our summer holiday.


  4. Hi Nadina,

    I saw your blog and it is fantastic. I love your class too. We have been learning many new things at the same time. I feel excited about the Internet and each time that I discover new resources for teaching, I feel like living in a new world.