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Monday, June 14, 2010


A new week has just started. Normally I would have named this post "Week 11: Something". But the course is over. And something is missing. I am used to accessing Nicenet not every day - several times a day. Now, it's empty - no new messages... I am used to accessing your blogs: nothing new, at least so far.

But, this new week has started. Today I had my last English class with the 9th graders - the last one this school year, of course. I had to reward them: I offered them a Certificate I designed by the help of 123Certificates. I discovered something. If you want to print a certificate directly from the brwoser, you simply can't get rid of the website addrress, the date and the time it was printed. And it's quite unpleasant to have them on a nice certificate, isn't it?  I managed to get rid of them. I selected the certificate from the browser, then I pressed ctrl+c (copy), then I opened a new document and pressed ctrl+v (paste). I had the template in my document. Only picture, not text. I added the text in a very simple way: insert - add text box, and there I edited everything as I wanted. The result is great - no more header and footer from the browser.

Today I feel a little bit confused. After 10 weeks' time when I learned so many great new things, now I find myself having nothing to do. I should relax, but I can't. Not now. Something is missing. I miss something. I miss the competition with myself, I miss the challenge, I miss the discussions, the new ideas... From today on I will miss my students too.

Here, in Romania, a hot summer has started and I have nothing to do. But, tomorrow is another day. Till then, have a look at my 9th graders today, holding their certificates with pride and  joy.