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Monday, June 14, 2010


A new week has just started. Normally I would have named this post "Week 11: Something". But the course is over. And something is missing. I am used to accessing Nicenet not every day - several times a day. Now, it's empty - no new messages... I am used to accessing your blogs: nothing new, at least so far.

But, this new week has started. Today I had my last English class with the 9th graders - the last one this school year, of course. I had to reward them: I offered them a Certificate I designed by the help of 123Certificates. I discovered something. If you want to print a certificate directly from the brwoser, you simply can't get rid of the website addrress, the date and the time it was printed. And it's quite unpleasant to have them on a nice certificate, isn't it?  I managed to get rid of them. I selected the certificate from the browser, then I pressed ctrl+c (copy), then I opened a new document and pressed ctrl+v (paste). I had the template in my document. Only picture, not text. I added the text in a very simple way: insert - add text box, and there I edited everything as I wanted. The result is great - no more header and footer from the browser.

Today I feel a little bit confused. After 10 weeks' time when I learned so many great new things, now I find myself having nothing to do. I should relax, but I can't. Not now. Something is missing. I miss something. I miss the competition with myself, I miss the challenge, I miss the discussions, the new ideas... From today on I will miss my students too.

Here, in Romania, a hot summer has started and I have nothing to do. But, tomorrow is another day. Till then, have a look at my 9th graders today, holding their certificates with pride and  joy.


  1. Hello, Nadina!

    As I see we are at the computer at the same time!
    My husband is watching football - as you know it is World Cup now in South Africa. I think Nalini also watch football every day, because all chanels show different matches.
    As usually I open Nicenet,SnapGrades, Google-site and blog. But only at your page I've found changes, which were made 11 minutes ago.
    During all ten weeks you wrote my thoughts, and this 11th week is not the exception. I miss something too. Every week I was waiting for my grades at SnapGrades, every week I tried to fight with myself, every week I made myself to read, write, explore, etc.
    But now... I am free, but I am not happy...!!!
    I don't know what to do with my freedom!

  2. Hi Nadina
    Strange isn't it this sudden feeling of nothing. As if an unexpected stop sign was placed in front of us just as we started to enjoy the momentum. I am currently on holiday in DC but it feels so strange not to log on to nicenet and start with the next activity.
    Thanks for the tip with the certificates. We recently conducted a teacher's workshop and I am responsible to create and issue the attendance certificates.
    Wishing you a great summer holiday. Rest well so that you can antral us with some new experiences.
    Wishing you all the best

  3. Hello Nadina,

    I have the same feeling. Something is missing since the course finished. Here in Panama is raining a lot so it is good for our agriculture as well as for the environment. We are going to have our vacation period soon, so I would like to start our project after that. It can be in August 16th. You know Mondialogo so we can follow the same procedures for our projects. What do you think? After this I will send you information through your e-mail which is better.