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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 3: Hard work, lack of time...

It's night, actually it's after midnight now when I am writing and trying to explain the new things I have learned this week. I can't actually believe that the end of the third week is so close. So many things happened...not only here (I will tell you about them at the end of this post).

At first, more precisely on Monday evening, when I read for the first time the tasks for this week I said: well, it's simpler than before. Actually, I was wrong. Even if I thought I can solve everything in a couple of took me more than 5 days...

One of the best things I have learned about this week is - and I explained the advantages and why I like it so much in my previous post.

Then, I started reading about everything related to the aural/oral skills. The idea became very clear in my mind and while thinking about my post related to this, I had to organize my ideas and everything I know about them, in order to present my virtual classmates the advantages technology brings in our classrooms. I am addicted to technology and to the internet - I can't imagine life without it. I have been using the internet for more than 15 years, and with time I learned I can use it for something different, not only for socializing or entertainment. Now, it's my duty to teach my students this, and make them understand that the internet is the wonder of our lives and we must use it in a fruitful way (as I said in one of the comments on one blog, we should be able to make our teaching pleasant and useful). I got help from the internet thanks to the links Deborah provided. Everything is so easy and nice... I am able now to find to best resources I need and to adapt everything to my students needs. Otherwise, I lose their interest and attention and I am quite useless...

Now, I would like to make a confession: I am a little bit sad and disappointed to see that not all my classmates have comments on their blogs. I have been reading and commenting almost on everybody's blog. I didn't do it be named "creative" or "the most active": not at all. I comment on your blogs because I consider that communication is the most important thing in our lives. I can't live without communicating. I like to express my gratitude, my ideas, my dis/agreement and make sure you know that I read what you write. Otherwise, if I don't write, how should you know I read your posts?

Now, I would like to tell you why this week was so special for me. It's quite a personal thing, but I want to share it with you. Those of you who read what I posted last week know that my school got the distinction of European School for the second time. On Thursday I went to Bucharest (our capital city) and the minister of education offered us the title and the certificate. I dedicated it to all my students as a sign of gratitude for their hard work in international project during the last 3 years. Here I have some pictures:


  1. Hellooooo!

    Great picture! And where is the Minister of Education?!

    By the way, at the beginning of the week I thought the same as you- it is simple, but I was sitting during almost all night yesterday untill 4 o'clock of early morning!!!

    HAve you already read tasks for the next week? Every week more and more work - GREAT!!!

    Ruslana Shamanska,

  2. Hello Ruslana!

    To answer your question, as I was getting the certificate (together with our principal and international projects inspector), we couldn't take a picture of ourselves ;)

    As for the next week... I am exhausted for the time being and I wouldn't like to become a workaholic.

    Good luck with your work,

  3. Hi Nadine,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for your accomplishment. I am happy to see your comment on my blog and i felt guilty when i read your sentiments. I wish to post comment on everybody's blog but I have maybe forgotten due to so many things to read on and to post on in our different discussions.

    I understand now that when somebody leave a comment on the blog brings a different joy, making you feel the importance of what u wrote.

    It is really true that evry week our task getting harder and harder. Hope we can finish all the way through.

    Good luck to all of us...

  4. Wonderful pictures, Nadinne!
    You are doing a great job on the course instead of all the other tasks you are into. I guess this how we learn as teachers, when we are on stress:-)))
    See you around!