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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 3: Mmmm, DELICIOUS...

When I first accessed this site,, I was quite surprised. First of all, the name of the site, then the images (all of them related to cooking and eating and I have to agree I am one of the worst cooks ever). I couldn't understand what's the point. I let it go.

But, the 3rd week came, and with it, this task: creating a personal page on And I got the point: it is extremely helpful for me. It helps me save time and it allows me to be more organized. I am not the only person who uses bookmarks (so many sometimes) and who simply loses them. I can give you lots of examples from my personal experience.  When I created my bookmarks, I was very satisfied with them, but something strange happened (because of a virus I have to reinstall the OS or the browser) and I simply lost them. Or: I had them on my computer at home and I needed them at school, and of course I couldn't have them. It meant spending time almost on nothing, because sometimes I wasn't able to find what I was looking for.

So, when this week started (for me on Monday night), I explored very carefully the site. I read the introduction and I created my first bookmarks. Now, I have them with me wherever I go. I find this site extremely helpful. Why? Just to give a short example. As I have already told you, I created (actually arranged and searched) my first page at home. Today, while at school, I needed the exact address of a website for my projects. Instead of going through the e-mail and trying to search what I needed, I simply went to my page ( and had everything there.

I warmly recommend it to everybody. It is simple to use, its interface is friendly, the instructions, examples and explanations are clear and you save time by having everything organized as you like / need it.

That's all for now. I am eager to read your opinions about it. For me, it is simply DELICIOUS.

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  1. Dear Nadinnie,

    Yummy start of the third week. It has been a hectic weekend for me too. I had to leave Karachi and to come again to my hometown. I didn't tell you this that Language teaching is my bread and butter but I am a passionate linguist and interested in documenting minor languages. My mother tongue is one of the rare languages in the world because it is one of the language isolate-Burushaski. . I submitted a proposal with a linguist from states for documenting the oral literature in national science foundation in US. The project has been recommended for funding so I had to leave teaching and come for finalizing documents to back home. I work in one of the biggest city with is in the south of the country and i am from north. I had to travel all the way from one end to another which had been very tiring.

    I am excited to know from your post about delicious. I am search nerd and face exactly the same problem to organize with website. This is wonderful. I would soon try it.

    Wish you a good week.

    Keep the good work going...