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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 1: Things started to get into place

I still remember exactly the thrill I felt when I received the official letter stating that I was accepted to this course. Why did I choose this course and not another one? First of all because I like technology, I like being up-to-date to everything surrounding me. Then, I said: "everything is quite brand new for me in this field, why not?". At the same time, I attended many courses on pedagogy, teaching, etc, and I said to myself that it's time I learned something new, something which can become part of my future teaching style.

Then, I was looking forward to the start of the course (honestly, I was counting the days...) And, it finally happened. After reading the "Orientation" tasks, I felt scared: too much information for me, so many things to do - this was my very first thought. I started reading the tasks very carefully, then I started reading what others said and I managed to solve the tasks. I like the idea about expressing our opinions about the "Ground Rules" and I liked that many of my colleagues participated in a constructive way - I had the opportunity of reading some good comments which inspired me for my future actions.

Another thing I really liked was the idea of writing our favorite quotation related to teaching and technology. I read them carefully and I totally agree with most of them. I want to salute here Ruslana's idea of posting some of them on her blog. It was also very nice to have the map with our homes on it. I was looking at it and still wondering ... I couldn't help thinking about teachers 50 years ago or 100 years ago, who didn't have the slightest chance of doing what we can do now. (I am a bit romantic, you see).

Later, the first day of the course came, bringing with it the first great challenge: creating a blog. It was not something brand new for me, but it was different. Once again, I read everything very carefully (instructions, our teacher's recommendations, other blogs...). Then, I created this first blog on education. I learned that it's better to be informed, to read, to get ideas from other people, then to apply everything. I wanted to be original and creative - I am not sure I managed to be, but I know I will improve in the future. At the same time, I learned to pay attention to details - actually, they make the difference.

The most important thing for me is cooperation and sharing. I would like to know your ideas about what I write, I would like to get feedback - especially constructive one, because this is the way I learn better.

Now I consider the educational blog has lots of advantages: both for me and for all those who read it.

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  1. Hats off to you, Nadine, you've already done this blogging thing in Romanian, and now you're doing it in English! Yes, I agree, it was scary to read all the tasks at Orientation Week and wonder, "Can I accomplish all that?" But yes, you will, you will meet each challenge and you will overcome any fears. God bless you!

    I imagine with you the teachers 50 or 100 years ago -- and I realize it's not just the internet that is new, but this idea of a global village, of interacting as colleagues with a common language and shared desires to see our students achieving their dreams. You can share your thoughts with me, who may have once upon a time 50 years ago been forbidden such an opportunity. How small the world has become.

    And so, dear Nadine, let's celebrate this cyberworld to which we can lead our students. Hats off to all of us!