Here we are to talk about education and the new challenges in this field

Monday, April 5, 2010

Short introduction

I created my first blog, in Romanian, called "Journeys and adventures" about 2 years ago. I was quite proud of it, I really enjoyed writing, but later I gave up (don't ask me why, it just happened). It was easier to read what others wrote instead of writing myself... I really like reading blogs, and I read some of them quite often (most of them are in my native language and on different topics, not education).

Last autumn, more precisely from September to October 2009 I attended the CELTA course at International House - Accademia Britannica, in Rome, Italy. I simply wanted to learn more about teaching. And I did. All my ideas about teaching and learning and assessing changed, or became clearer. I shared part of my knowledge with different Romanian teachers who asked me to create a blog and post there all my experience. But, once again, I did nothing...

Now, it's a challenge for me. I created my first blog on education, I am asked to write regularly... I hope I will be able to do this (no delay, I hope).

Everything seems interesting to me for the time being. I learn new things, I read what you post and I try to improve myself and at the same time I try to share all I know. "Sharing is caring" and "Sharing is one of the best ways to find yourself", as Khang from Vietnam quoted as favorite on Nicenet.

I am sure everything will be fine and we will be able to learn wonderful new things.


  1. Hi Nadinne,

    I hope you will continue blogging throughout this course. Time flies, and life is becoming more difficult all over the world. Maybe this is one reason we, teachers, are "dropping" out of the blog sphere.
    I like the idea of adding all the participants' blogs to yours. I will do the same, may I?
    Best of luck:-)

  2. Hello Hala, and thank you for the nice words. I have got a real problem: sometimes I start doing lots of things, then I give up. That's why I said this blog is a real challenge for me!

    Of course you can add the blogroll, it was just an idea I can do the same.

    I wish all all the best,