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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Comenius Week 2011

From 2-9 May 2011, schools were invited to celebrate European school collaboration through Comenius week activities. Comenius National Agencies, eTwinning National Support Services also participated,

As our school took part in  a Comenius project from 2006 to 2009 and we all could see the advantages, we decided to celebrate Comenius week in our school. Not all our students and teachers knew exactly what Comenius means, so we organized a communication session about this program. It included a short biography of John Amos Comenius, then a presentation of the Comenius program, as well as about our Comenius program "Life near a river in Europe" and the future one, "From Ideal to Real Freedoms. Tracks to Reach Them".

At the end students were invited to create a poster having as theme what Comenius means to them. They received flyers with information about Comenius.

I entered a competition having as theme The Collaboration week within Comenius. I'm delighted to announce I am a prize winner.

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