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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Long lazy summer days

How difficult summer may be for me, the busy teacher…

In my country the summer holiday lasts 3 months – that’s very much, that’s too much for me. I like being involved, teaching, learning new things, sharing and caring.

Now it’s summer, I have no place to go to… It's so hot here. The sky is so blue, there is no hope of rain.

I spend day after day hoping that the weather will help me. That it will become colder.

I feel as if I were in a desert: loneliness and heat. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. I miss those hectic days when I could do new great things, when I could share everything with my mates.

For almost a week I have been spending my time with this:

Lucio Dalla - Canzone


  1. How long is your school year, Nadine? I am a primary teacher. We start our school year from 15th of September till 31st of May. We have 2 short holidays - about 10 days per every. Teachers have 48+8 work days for holiday per every year.Usually, from 1st of September all teachers have to be at school-to prepare for scholl year and 1st school day when we have big feasts in every school.

    Rossy- BG

  2. Hello, Nadina!
    Here in Ukraine we also have three months of summer vacation!!!
    Teachers don't go to the work during 56 days and in a week before the 1st of September they come back home!!!
    In fact and teachers and students don't like the first of September very much!!!

  3. This year, our summer holiday started on 12th June and it will end on 12th September. Around the 1st Spetmeber I also have to be at school, to prepare the new school year. But, it's also holiday, as we have to do almost nothing. During the school year, we have some other holidays - around Christmas - 2 weeks, between semesters - end of January - 1 week and around Easter - 1 week.
    On the first day of school we also have a big feast, which I adore.