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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 5: My lesson based on the technology plan

Last week I found out about the technology based lesson plan, and I agree with Hamid that there is a difference between lesson plan and lesson planning: one is the result, the other is the process.

As the unit in my textbook (Upstream Upper Intermediate) deals with environment, I chose and adapted a lesson plan called "Plant Appreciation Day" from

I designed my lesson for 50 minutes, I prepared everything in detail, I asked one of my school-mates (thank you, Valentin) to get the camera and film my class, then I spent a couple of hours in front of my computer to process the movie and shorten it: only 12 minutes out of 50.

Unfortunately, as our camera is a HD one, the format was too large, I couldn't upload it here (more than 1 GB) and by converting the movie I lost from its quality. However, you can get a general idea about my lesson. If you are patient enough, you will see my students, my teaching methods, my lesson...


  1. Dear Nadine,

    This is the finished product of this online course-well done! I wish I could watch the video. I have a dial up connection and it takes hours to watch a video. Could you please up load this on youtube. However, I realized the amount of effort and time it requires to integrate tech in planing and teaching. I only wish I could integrate this learning in one of my teaching plan like you. I miss my teaching a lot. I hope to start something soon.

    Thanks for your comment on the poster presentation pictures and kind words.

    Thanks-keep the wonderful work going-Hats off


  2. Hello, Piar,

    unfortunately, I cannot upload it on Youtube as it is 12 minutes long and they accept only up to 10 minute. But, I will try to shorten it a little bit and upload it there. Hope I can manage.
    Thanks for your comments, both here and on Nicenet.


  3. Hello Nadina,

    I could be able to watch the video of the innovative lesson-well planned. You are very interactive with your students. I like your clear instruction, demonstration, modelling, and integrating technology--exemplary. I am planning to video my lessons like you because I want to see how I teach.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Hello, Nadina!
    Nice idea to make video of your lesson, as usually I take only pictures.
    Really - it was so great to see you and your students...
    During these 5 weeks all participants became so close, that it seems that I've just entered to your classroom to say you "Hello" and you were having a lesson at that time.

    Hello from Ukraine!