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Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 2 - Just the beginning

A new week has just started and my experience with this course goes on. It's a new challenge. Now, as things started to improve, and as I have a clearer idea about what blogging means, I know it will be easier for me. As for the blog, once again I understood that simpler is better. So, I changed the "face" of my blog, I eliminated some gadgets which at first I considered vital!

I have already got used to writing, I have just started to like it. From a simple reader, without posting comments on any blog, I started to express my thoughts on my mates' blogs, I started to like writing. Even if I am that kind of person who considers communication to be vital, I didn't communicate too much. Now, I'd like to think this is past...

So far (I mean yesterday, Monday) I have been reading about the ABCD model. I must admit: at first I had no idea about it, about what it might mean. I thought it's just an initiation, but after reading very carefully, I understood it's more. I felt as if some sort of light entered my tired mind and everything became so clear...

This model is really (but really!) helpful. Once again, I must admit something: I considered the lesson planning a chore and nothing else. They had to be done. I used to imagine all kind of things and make them objectives - well, only for me they could be objectives. Actually they were nothing but ideas about what I imagined students would have to learn.

As I told you, I read in detail about stating objectives, and goals, and students' needs. I haven't finished yet, but once again everything in my mind became so clear...


  1. Hello, Nadine!
    I haven't read our task for this week yet. First of all, I've decided to look through blogs of our participants. I've noticed that you had posted something new at your blog, that's why you were the first... and I was surprised that your thoughts about new week are almost the same with mine. I don't know what is it ABCD yet, but after reading your message, I know that I'll understand it very well.

    Well, it's so great to read your own ideas at the other's blog!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Nadine,
    What i like reading your blog is because there is so much to read and you describe your experience in details and Ruslana is true, you are always the first.
    I also discovered that I am not the only first timer here because at first I am so intimidated but I am thankful that everybody in this class are all very friendly and accomodating.
    How i wish that this is not an online class i wish we are all in a real classroom, surely it would be more fun. More power to you Nadine!

  3. Dear Mary Grace and Ruslana,

    I am the first to write on the blog, maybe to answer your posts and to write comments on the other blogs simply because I like doing this. I make mistakes, I want to tell you something... this is the best way we can do it.

    I read all the blogs our fellows created and I am very glad to find new posts and new comments over there.

    And, Mary Grace, I agree with you: if only we were in a real class. But, let's worship this opportunity we have now.